You are being poisoned. Did you know?

You are being poisoned. It’s being done through the public water supply, and if you haven’t guessed what it is yet – without any further ado, it’s fluoride – a potent neurotoxin that harms multiple body functions. It’s not for me to say whether you are being PURPOSELY “dumbed down” as a sort of population[…]

Burn More Bridges

The usual words of “wisdom” you hear are “DON’T burn any bridges.” Well, I’m calling that out as terrible advice. Although there are some situations where keeping a “bridge” intact is a smart move, it’s also a crutch many lean on when they lack the strength to leave something behind and give all-out commitment to[…]

Metabolism and Aging

Does your age REALLY affect metabolism?

Everyone and their mother will tell you that age negatively affects their metabolism. Sure, it’s a quick and easy way to explain why you “just aren’t as thin as you once were,” but is your chronological age truly to blame for all the weight gain? Do we see a general increase in weight as people[…]

Gatorade / Powerade: Good or Bad?

Seems these days that everyone who takes a walk around the block “needs” fluid, sugar, and electrolytes…and they need it now! Maybe even before the walk, maybe a bit after the walk, and of course during the walk. Really? Gatorade, Powerade, and all the other “ades” out there are over-marketed, and WAY over-consumed, for those[…]

Harvard Study Reveals Fitness Secret

So what’s the secret? In a word: faith. Harvard University researchers conducted a study involving over 80 hotel room cleaning attendants.These folks were from seven different hotels. The attendants were split into two groups. The first group was told how beneficial to their health their line of work was. After all, many of them cleaned at least 15 rooms per[…]

A Surprising Photo from a Dallas Personal Trainer

I can’t say this enough. In the battle for your health and fitness, body composition is a more important measure than weight. Now keep in mind, however, a 5ft, 300lb person is not going to build enough muscle to warrant not losing any weight before getting to goal. But the proper journey won’t necessarily involve[…]

Are You One of These People? Time to Start Doing!

I know people who are extremely intelligent and have consumed more how-to books in a year than most people will read in their lifetime. Yet they are still in the same spot they were 5 years ago. Why? Because they never implement the actions the books outline! Everywhere you turn you can hear people lavishing[…]

Maintaining Weight Loss: Dallas Personal Trainer Has 5 Questions for You

If you are struggling to maintain previous weight loss, ask yourself these questions: 1)  Have you abandoned what got you there? People in general mistakenly believe that they can cut out binge eating while exercising for 3 months, and then somehow magically maintain their lighter body while no longer worrying about what they eat or[…]