Dial Up Your Best Body with this Daily Number


dialupbestbodyIf you can remember this phone number (I even made it a local one!), you can remember what you need to know to have a healthy day – the accumulation of which will build a healthy body and healthy life. These 10 daily habits will help you achieve and maintain an ideal body weight and body fat %, while defending you against illness and serious health complications. More importantly, they will help you you feel young and live vibrantly, deep into what others have termed “old age.” The best is yet to come if you apply these habits!

This is longevity’s phone number. Call it often if you want to be on the line that leads to a better quality of life.


No it’s not our business phone number, lol, though if you’d rather just call us, we can certainly help. And just like phone numbers you hear in the movies, the “555” keeps it from being anyone’s actual phone number at all. So if you are like me and tempted to call it because it lights up on your phone, you’ll get nothing. Don’t ask me how I know :)

I’ll explain the “digits” of the acrostic below:



… hours in bed at night. This way you can actually SLEEP at LEAST seven, promoting proper hormone balance while clearing your brain’s metabolic waste. Unlike the rest of your body, sleep is the ONLY time your brain can clear waste products. That’s why you get “brain fog” when you are deprived of it. Stay well rested. Stay sharp. Stay strong. Stay well.


… hour of time outside. This can include walks to and from your car in addition to other activity, and exposes you to healthy fresh air and beneficial sunlight. Avoiding the sun and outdoors altogether with the idea of saving your skin and sparing your allergies will actually just harm your health. Moderation is the key to enjoying all the benefits while dodging any destructive “overdose.”


… minutes of spiritual focus. We are 4D creatures: mental, physical, emotional, AND spiritual. Furthermore, the health of one dimension can really impact the health of another. This daily habit of spiritual focus reduces stress while improving your outlook and perspectives – which can also benefit your relationships. It doesn’t stop there. Spending time in spiritual reflection, meditation, or devotion improves the health of your nervous, cardiovascular, and digestive systems as well.


… big glasses (or bottles) of purified water a day. Our bodies are 70% water and our brains are 90%, or at least SHOULD be if we are properly hydrated. Without enough water, our brain, blood, joints, skin, muscles and more will not function optimally. But don’t fill up on herbicide, pesticide, arsenic, drug, and fluoride-filled toxic tap water. Keep it by drinking only water purified by reverse osmosis or distilled.


… fistfuls of fruits and vegetables a day. Our digestive systems were designed for these, and science has proven numerous benefits of the various phytonutrients, even beyond the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Want more benefits? Eat more colors. You can dodge a myriad of diseases by getting enough fruits and vegetables every day.


… fistfuls of lean protein sources a day. Our world is breaking down, including your body. Give your systems the tools they need to build back up with protein. Amino acids from protein are needed for cellular repair. This is especially important when challenging your muscles through training. The over-compensation principle of training means your body will not only repair the muscle, but make it stronger – IF your give it the materials it needs to do so. (protein is a priority on that list)


… bout of intentional exercise. Your body will never be stronger than the routine demands placed on it. Set a high bar during workouts so the rest of life will be easier. Include some lower intensity steady-state aerobic activity to improve oxygenation to your body. This active recovery can be better than just sitting around waiting for soreness from your more intense days to subside.


… servings of essential fatty acids, including nuts, fish, seeds, or an EFA supplement. These lubricate your joints, protect your nervous system, and ease blood flow, among other benefits. Fat is NOT to be feared, especially when it’s natural and unsaturated. Including enough good fats in your diet will help prevent carb cravings as well.


… handfuls of natural fibrous starch. This will keep your digestive system clean so you can absorb vital nutrients, while also stabilizing blood sugar and easing appetite. All carbs are NOT created equal. Keep them dark and natural like brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, and sweet potatoes, as opposed to white and processed like chips, crackers, rolls, and cakes.


… minutes of smart stretching. This means recognizing muscular asymmetries and working on what’s necessary to avoid postural dysfunction and pain. Daily gentle stretching to maintain muscle pliability, symmetry, and range of motion is more beneficial than potentially injurious extreme and infrequent stretching.

So here’s that number again. Memorize it and test yourself. Can you recall the 10 daily habits for optimal health?